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Whittlesey and District Neighbourhood Watch

Whittlesey and District Neighbourhood Watch

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What to say to someone who has lost a pet

Our pets give us love, companionship, joy and comfort so it’s therefore no surprise that when a pet is no longer part of their owner’s life – whether due to death, being lost or needing to be rehomed – people can experience the same level of grief as they would at the death of a close relative.

Unfortunately, not everyone understands this grief, and it can be a very lonely experience without the right support. It is also difficult to know what to say to someone you know in this situation.

There are simple things that friends and family can do to help others when they are grieving for a pet on the Blue Cross site here.

About Dog Watch

As dog owners are regularly out and about in Whittlesey, they are likely to notice anything suspicious or out of the ordinary. Dog walkers tend to be out in the early mornings or evenings when other people are people are more likely to be indoors and because of this, you might see and hear things relating to crime, anti-social behaviour or other suspicious activity.

Members of Dog Watch are asked to be the eyes and ears of their communities, keep each other informed and report concerns to the police via the:

Telephone 101 if its non-emergency call

Telephone 999 in an emergency or if a crime is in progress.


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What to do if your dog is lost

You must act quickly if your dog is lost or you believe your dog has been stolen.

Hopefully your dog is chipped or tattooed. Get the relevant details together - it could be a good idea to store these details on your mobile phone address book, at least make sure you know where you can find the infomation immediately if it is needed. 

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