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Puppy Scam

If you are seeking to purchase a puppy, be warned that fraudsters continue to advertise high value puppies for sale, yet it is nothing but a scam.

This is not a new type of fraud, national media attention and Action Fraud data from 2012, has highlighted how the crime has cost UK victims in excess of £1M.


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Whittlesey Green Dog Walkers

Whittlesey Green Dog Walkers Banner
Whittlesey Green Dog Walkers now has over 180 dogs registered. Leaflets are available from The Council Office in Peel House and Parkers Newagents. You can also download and print the information and application forms using the links below.

We are asking all dog walkers to support our scheme, which is free to join, and is part of a national community-led programme aimed at helping to reduce dog fouling and encourage responsible dog ownership.

Please try to encourage your friends and neighbours to join too!

What is Green Dog Walkers®?

Green Dog Walkers® is a scheme adopted by over 40 councils across the country. We have joined this scheme as it offers a proven, non-confrontational and friendly way to change attitudes about dog fouling and encourages responsible dog ownership. We know that fines and legislation are not an effective solution to the problem,. 

Most importantly, the Green Dog Walkers® scheme acts as a reminder to others that they need to pick up after their dog has fouled and keep them under control. By acting responsibly you can show the minority who let everyone in our community down the right way to deal with dog fouling. 

In return for signing our Pledge, you will receive one of our Whittlesey Green Dog Walker dog tags to display on your dog’s lead or collar and a roll of doggie bags as a thank you for helping to make our campaign a success.

Whittlesey Green Dog Walkers are the role models for responsible dog ownership and the green tag will be a way of showing everyone that you have taken the pledge and that you are a responible dog owner.

How to Join

The joining forms and information are available from the council office in Peel House and Parker's Newsagents. They can also be downloaded using the links at the top of this article. There is no cost for joining and you can applying for a Whittlesey Green Dog Walkers tag for each of your dogs. You can return the completed forms to the council office.