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Driving and Flooding

The weather has always been a major topic of conversation in our country and, as our weather becomes increasingly unpredictable, it is worth remembering this news item.

In 2012, almost as soon as thoughts turned to dealing with serious drought it started to rain and we had floods. As always flooded roads present a serious hazard to drivers. Apart from the risks associated with spray and poor grip there is a risk of damaging your car even with a relatively small depth of water.

Never underestimate the threat that floods can present, travelling through a wide expanse of water, often flowing across your direction of travel can become disorientating. Objects and holes are hidden under the surface and the current in a suprisingly shallow depth of water can soon push a car sideways.

 In spite of the risks, we hear of people ignoring the road closed signs and driving through. There are many who will make it through unscathed but many will not. Even those who do go through are unaware that some flood water contains salt, especially in the tidal stretches of flood plains, which in time will cause significant harm to their vehicle. It is not worth the risk so please observe all the signs for your safety and that of others.

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Photographs by Ken Creed