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Gates Go Missing

Unfortunately Whittlesey, like many other parts of the country, is not immune from crime. Most criminals have little regard for the possible consequences of their actions. With the theft of gates there can be an additional motive, that of not being able to do what they want to do irrespective of how this may affect anyone else.

The vandalism and subsequent removal of the gate across the Green Wheel/Cycleway is an example of selfish persons removing a safety feature which was intended to protect legitimate users of a public right of way. 

It is difficult to understand how a tiny minority think that they have the right to steal for profit, or remove anything which creates a barrier to their own pursuits, without appearing to consider the consequences for the majority of the population. 

Perhaps it is time for the silent majority to start to take a stand by reporting such actions to the police so that we can re-create a safer and happier environment for everyone.