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Distraction Burglary and Rogue Trading

Over the past few weeks across Cambridgeshire and surrounding forces there has been an increase in the reports of Distraction Burglary and Rogue Trading offences. The older members of our community and vulnerable are the main targets.  So far Fenland has only had a couple of reported cases, but although still quite rare but they are happening!



The steps below can help to prevent falling victim to these criminals. Could I also ask that you keep an eye out for vulnerable neighbours and to report anything that you feel is suspicious using the 101 police number.


  • If you feel you MUST open door, always put your chain on Remember simple rule....
    STOP, CHAIN, CHECK!  Also ensure rear/side doors are locked before opening front door.
  • NEVER let anyone into your home without prior appointment!
  • ALWAYS check ID.
  • NEVER employ someone standing on your doorstep. (They might remind you of work you need completing!) however you should always use a reputable company!  Recommendation from a friend or family is best.  If not,  trading standards have the BUY WITH CONFIDENCE scheme!
  • If persons on your door step are being pushy, call the police. (If possible take vehicle details index, and make and description of person/s).
  • Utility companies are whoever you pay your bills to e.g. British Gas, Anglian Water etc. You can also set a password on all your utility accounts for added protection and security. (Ask the person calling to tell you what your password is)!
  • Ensure you have a list of your utility companies beside your telephone! If you’re not sure contact the company on the number you have already NOT on any ID card the person at the door provides.
  • Most utility companies will contact you prior to attending your address (They will not be offended if you call to check they are genuine)!
  • If you have a key safe change the code regularly and when carer's etc. leave!

    Some Examples of Scams
  • Postal scams ...Australian Lottery, lottery of Ireland, Clairvoyants, prize draws, you have won please send money to receive your prize even some of the smaller mail order catalogues, vitamins etc.  If you are not sure, don't enter and shred the document, or you can send them to post office FREEPOST scam mail and they will destroy it for you.
  • If they seem too good to be true they are!

All monies sent to these PO BOX addresses is used to fund organised crime, exploitation and human trafficking. If you notice any of these types of mail dropping on the doorstep of your family members please report to trading standards.

Telephone and Computer Advice

  • Never give your personal details to anybody calling you over the phone. If you are worried and need to check that a call is genuine, call your bank etc. using a different phone or wait 15 minutes before calling from the number you received the call from!
  • If you receive a call from Microsoft telling you about software problems, never give money, contact Microsoft directly as this is most likely to be a fraud.
  • E-mails asking for money for example about a friend trapped abroad or your account has been hacked or tampered are frequently used methods for tricking people.