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Cats, Cars and Cannabis

Todays shift has been a good one.

Much the same as recent shifts with patrols of local supermarkets and open spaces.

After about six in the evening the town goes quiet and a deserted look and feel takes over. My little patrol car patrolling empty streets.


cat and fence

That was until I came over the bridge in Creek Road, March. A small group of people had gathered and began to all look in my direction. I was not quite sure why I was suddenly of great interest. That was until I noticed the white car that, after destroying a length of wooden fence and scraping down the side of a row of Terrace houses, had finally come to rest in someone's garden. The fishing gnome was not impressed!

I had better stop, I thought. No one was hurt and the driver was suitably embarrassed, quite right too. I heard his story of him trying to avoid a cat. Maybe the cat was sitting on top of the fence that was now resembling match wood. ( No cats were injured, I hasten to add).

In less than a minute sirens could be heard, and a police colleague arrived. Then began the taking of details and pictures. It was not drink driving, maybe in a hurry to get home after his allowed Covid shopping trip ????

The recovery truck arrived to collect the bent car, and I continued with my patrols, leaving officer and driver in deep discussion.


Later, I transported a quantity of cannabis for secure keeping at our Wisbech station. This is normal practice when drugs are seized.

Another shift draws to a close.

I will be off for the next three days, but my colleagues will be on duty, on patrol, and keeping the peace.

I wish you well, I wish you goodnight.

Pcso Jonathan Hall

Shop Patrol

Hello !! Did you miss me ?? NO !
I returned from my three day break and have been assigned to conduct shop and Pharmacy patrols. This is of course due to the current national situation. Concerns that there might have been issues with the queueing demands proved negative. I am pleased to report I saw no issues anywhere, and all is well and orderly.
The weather is not helping much, being all sunny and lovely, and doing its best to tempt people out. But the People remain strong and dedicated to the National Cause.
This new patrol requirement will be on going for the foreseeable future, so my reports may well be a bit repetitive. I will try and find something of interest to inform you, and keep your interest going. I will try, England expects.
Until next time.

Pcso Jonathan Hall

Business as Usual

I returned to work today after my two rest days,and after a self briefing session, it was business as usual.

These days that has a whole new meaning. Gone are the days of ( open) shop patrols, also parking patrols are no longer required. Making sure certain shops were closed was the order of the day.

A tour of our neighbourhoods to make sure the Covid rules are being observed was then conducted. I am pleased to report local residents are acting responsibly, and politely. I have never been so waved at, and thanked for what I do, ever. At least there is one good thing to report as a result of this crises.

The weather is not helping, by being so inviting, and warm !!  Please can I ask you all to keep doing the right thing.

The food shops are still well stocked, and the queues are not bad at all. Sainsburys had a queue of about ten people, but this was moving quickly the Boots queue was even shorter.

I am now about to launch out for my final patrol of today.


Pcso Jonathan Hall


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