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NHW 2018 – 2021 Strategy


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Neighbourhood Watch Network Into the Future

2018 – 2021 Strategy


We live in unpredictable and ever-changing times. The pace of change is faster now than at any time in our past, whether this is in relation to public services, technology, communication, our working or home lives and of course crime. We were founded on the premise of bringing people together as neighbours and communities to help prevent crime, and all the evidence suggests that the need for this today is as great as it has ever been. Neighbourhood Watch is a powerful organisation, with upwards of 2.3 million members and a brand that is recognised by 94% of people in England and Wales. The overarching aim of this 3 Year Strategy is to build on the history, strength and size of Neighbourhood Watch, and to re-invigorate the charity into an even more relevant and more diverse organisation.


Our Vision:

Our vision is a society where neighbours come together to create safer, stronger and active communities.


Our Mission:

Our mission is to support and enable individuals and communities to be connected, active and safe, which increases wellbeing and minimises crime.


Our Values:

In all our work and relationships, we will be relevant, accountable and inclusive.


Into the Future - our 3 year Strategy (2018 – 2021)


What is very clear from consultation with our members and key stakeholders, is that we have not always been relevant enough to be able to meet the challenges of our changing society and that we need to adapt, and adapt quickly.


This three-year Strategy will address this. Over the first 18 months we will focus solely on the actions that will make us relevant. Over the second 18 months, we will take this work and use it to help expand our offering across other parts of England and Wales to include new members and supporters from new geographies and demographics.


This Strategy has 3 strategic aims, each of which is underpinned by specific Objectives:


  1. Provide a great service to Neighbourhood Watch members – by supporting and developing existing schemes.


  2. Grow the charity – by attracting new members and schemes and engaging them in Neighbourhood Watch campaigns.


  3. Extend our reach – by developing focused work to promote Neighbourhood Watch in areas of high crime, deprivation or need.


Our Objectives


Provide a great service to Neighbourhood Watch members – by supporting and developing existing schemes

  1. Clearly define the roles of the Central Support Team and Associations and develop an accredited self- assessment guide for Associations.

  2. Review our current IT systems to develop easy sign up and good communication platforms for our members, the public and our partners, including using social media, website and virtual Neighbourhood Watch.

  3. Develop relevant high-quality toolkits for members and Associations to support their work in developing safer, stronger and active communities, including specific crime types, ‘how to’ guidance and case studies.

  4. Share best effective practice from around the Neighbourhood Watch network, enabling members to act as resources and champions for quality, inclusion and learning.

  5. Develop a clear “National Offer” incorporating a clear understanding of the ethos and benefits of Neighbourhood Watch.

  6. Enable Associations to fundraise by developing effective fundraising guidance and holding training seminars and webinars.

  7. Explore the possibility of a small grant system that Associations can apply for.

  8. Update the Neighbourhood Watch branding to be more inclusive and representative.

  9. Design and test an impact measurement tool that can be used at a local or national level to prove the effectiveness of Neighbourhood Watch.

  10. Monitor, collect evidence and evaluate our work to ensure we meet the requirements of our funders, deliver our strategic outcomes and become a learning organisation.


Grow the charity – by attracting new members and schemes and engaging them in Neighbourhood Watch campaigns

  1. Test, develop and roll out a Partnership Model for Neighbourhood Watch in areas that do not have an Association or alongside existing Associations.

  2. Work in partnership with youth groups including uniformed youth groups to roll out supported youth activities promoting safer, stronger communities and crime prevention.

  3. Modernise our communications and marketing to include using social media to run targeted local and national membership recruitment campaigns.

  4. Develop an England and Wales Neighbourhood Watch campaign to drive forward the vision and values of Neighbourhood Watch, championing the positive experiences of communities knowing their neighbours.

  5. Develop strategic partnerships and shared campaigns with other organisations including the police, Crimestoppers, Victim Support and Citizen’s Advice, ensuring that there is a shared understanding of Neighbourhood Watch and its value to communities and partner organisations.


Extend our reach – by developing focused work to promote Neighbourhood Watch in areas of high crime, deprivation or need

  1. Work with the police and/or local authorities in targeted acceleration areas to develop new Neighbourhood Watch activities and groups in non-traditional areas where no Neighbourhood Watch schemes exist.

  2. Bid for funding to work independently or in partnership with other organisations to deliver local or national projects or programmes building safer and stronger communities.

  3. Develop, test and document a number of new and innovative Neighbourhood Watch initiatives focusing on services to high crime areas or areas of deprivation.


Next Steps

Over the next 18 months the Central Support Team’s focus will primarily be on our first aim, Supporting and developing existing schemes. This will enable our members to be even more self-sufficient utilising guidance, support and tools developed in partnership by the Central Support Team, other Neighbourhood Watch Associations and expertise from our membership.


To achieve the first aim and objectives, we will:

  • Review the Central Support Team to ensure we have the right mix of skills and experience to deliver the Strategy.

  • Create member-led volunteer teams to support meeting the Objectives and ensure work is relevant to our members.

  • Develop and implement a clear communications and marketing plan.

  • Diversify and increase our income sources by applying an income generation strategy focused on fundraising, grants and sponsorship (both new and existing).


After 18 months the focus will move to our second and third aims, attracting new members, developing campaigns and delivering focussed work in areas of high crime, deprivation or need.

NWN Published August 2018

Getting Involved with Neighbourhood Watch

You can be invoved in a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme just by being aware of what goes on where you live and becoming part of your local community. In many areas being a Good Neighbour has become a Neighbourhood Watch Area as neighbours join together to help each other and make their area a better and safer place to live. To find out more about setting up and running a Neighbourhood watch scheme in your area you can visit the Our Watch website.

If you are interested in joining or running your own scheme here are links to information on setting up and running schemes which will open new pages in your browser.

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Joining a Scheme

Setting Up a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme