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Whittlesey and District Neighbourhood Watch

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The recent terrorist attrocities in Manchester and London highlight the value of taking personal responsibility for the community in which we live. Community responsibility includes cooperation, respect and participation. The concept goes beyond thinking and acting as individuals to sharing and protecting common beliefs about interests and life.  We all have more in common than we think, whatever our individual beliefs and cultures may be.

The police and the security and intelligence agencies depend on information from you. Be our eyes and ears and help keep yourself, your family and your local community safe by looking out for suspicious activity and reporting it to the police, in confidence.

You may see or hear something that could be that vital piece of information needed to stop a terrorist attack.

Read what you can do on the ACT site 

The police depend on information from the public in their efforts to keep us all safe and are asking anyone who has concerns about online content to report it by clicking the STOP Terrorists’ & Extremists’ Online button.

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Prevent Tragedies

Tackling extremist material is important to protect the public and prevent offences that incite or promote terrorism and extremism.

Find out more about preventing tradgeies on this web site http://www.preventtragedies.co.uk/


Top Five Tips to keep young people safe from radicalisation online

Fine Art Fraud

People nationwide are receiving cold calls and are being persuaded to invest in 'Fine Art'.

Concerns around this include:

  • How the commodity is being offered, such as how the cold callers persuade victims to part with their money.
  • Hidden costs charged to the victims to view the product, shipping costs or additional fees to store the item.
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Pension-related Scams

The recent changes to pensions means that there is now a strong possibility of a growth in pension-related scams as fraudsters exploit the confusion about the new regulations. The best advice is that if you are offered an exceptional deal on interest rates above what you would normally expect then the old saying " if it looks too good to be true then it probably is"  is likely to be true. Advice on how to avoid pension scams can be found online at the Pensionwise government site.

Phone Fraud

 Fraudsters are increasingly targeting consumers over the telephone, posing as bank staff, police officers and other officials or companies in a position of trust.

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