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Facebook Market Place Fraud

The following is a recent report to Action Fraud by someone from within Cambridgeshire.

Start of Message

I was selling my (edited) on Facebook Market Place. Someone messaged me to arrange having a look, I gave them my address and later two males arrived. They looked at it and said they wanted it and asked me for my bank details. I gave them the details and I watched as they appeared to put the details into a mobile phone, they then they sent me a screenshot of the payment having being successful. I checked my bank and it wasn’t there, they told me it could take up to two hours to clear. I rang my bank and they said the same. They left with the high value object and I never received any payment.

End of Message

We are only aware of one incident at this time, but that does not mean it is not happening elsewhere within the county.

Please adhere to the guidance of buying and selling for each of the online market places, use a credit card, use a recognised trusted online payment like Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal and others.

Await payment before handing goods over.

For more advice about buying and selling online visit either the Q&A for each specific market place or ActionFraud.police.uk