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Fake Telephone Call in the Name of the Financial Services Agency

We have been notified of a  scam by the Serious & Organised Crime (Intelligence and Specialist Crime Department) of Cambridgeshire Police.

 The scam worked like the following where Person A is the recipient of the call.

Person A receives a telephone call in which the caller ID displays 0800 111 6768 Research shows this number relates to the Financial Services Agency.

Person A hears a female voice which quoted their name and address, the caller went on to say that they were calling from the Financial Services Agency.

Person A was told that someone using their name and address had taken out a loan in Brighton and that it could affect their credit rating.

Person A told the caller that they had not taken out a loan and asked the caller to put the details in writing and send via the post.

Person A was asked to hold the line whilst the caller obtained more details, but after a few minutes the line was disconnected but not by Person A.

Person A contacted the Financial Services Agency who stated that they do not phone any private individuals and confirmed that the call was a scam.



Please DO NOT trust the telephone number displayed. Criminals can spoof telephone numbers meaning they are made to appear genuine; criminals just copy the numbers from genuine websites.

Always ensure you have a dial tone before calling any number, especially if the caller has asked you to call them back to prove they are genuine. Either use a different phone if you have one or, wait and ensure there is a dial tone. If you don’t hear a dial tone the line to the criminal could still be open.

Just because someone knows your name and address, telephone number, email, it does not make them genuine.

If in doubt, invite the caller to write to you. I am not sure how keen criminals are keen to put pen to paper and a stamp on the envelope?

Interestingly, this is the first time I have heard that the scammer had a female voice and I have no reason to believe they were using software to alter their voice.

If you are wondering if your private data is in the hands of cyber criminals, then visit www.haveibeenpwned.com and put your email and/or telephone number in the search box.

Many internet security products are now providing data breach alerts in which you provide them with your email address and if it appears online in suspicious circumstances, then you will be notified. Only use these services from genuine recognisable companies through your existing security software.