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Fraud, often called Scams, is the fastest growing area of crime and is often not reported.

ActionFraud is the UK’s national fraud and internet crime reporting centre.

They provide a central point of contact for information about fraud and financially motivated internet crime.

Click here to download a leaflet about Action Fraud.


More COVID-19 Scams

If you receive an electronic communication similar to the one below, be suspicious.

Emails, text messages, instant messages such as the one below are a scam.

Do not click on blue or any colour links within electronic messages unless you have verified who the sender is.

If in doubt, don’t click.


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Fraudulent Text Message

Please be aware of a fraudulent text message aimed at the self-employed.

An apology to the quality of the image, but it is enough enought for your to recognise it, should you, friends or family receive one.


The threat comes from clicking on the blue link within the body of the text or the ‘view in browser if there is a hyperlink behind it.


  • Don’t click on links within emails, text messages, instant messages unless you are confident that the sender is genuine.
  • Criminals can spoof or hide themselves behind what looks like an official sender.
  • If you are unsure as to the authenticity of the sender, don’t click on any link but login to your HMRC account using the tried, tested and trusted method via the
  • website.
  • Note as well the ‘Dear Customer’ introduction, I would expect a name to be there, but even if it does that does not mean it is genuine.

Urgent - Courier Fraud Warning

You may recall earlier this month we warned of ‘courier fraud’ scams where fraudsters pose as a police officer or bank official to persuade their often elderly and vulnerable victims to hand over large amounts of cash.

We have been made aware of seven separate instances where people across Cambridgeshire have lost almost £88,000 to courier fraud this month alone.


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The £600 Scam

Please be aware of another new scam that we have been made aware of.

The details of how one local person received the call are below;

I had an automated call telling me that a bank transaction for £600 had been made against my account, and to 'press 1'.
I didn't, but checked my account and no such transaction was present.
I then phoned the bank fraud department, and they advised that there are THOUSANDS of such calls, mentioning £600, coming in.

ADVICE : ignore the call;  do NOT press 1; if in doubt, call your bank.
Second call of the day by an automated scammer call.
This time it related to 'your Visa/Mastercard', but the same value £600.
Same process - press 1 to stop the transaction.

Beware - don't press 1!