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The £600 Scam

Please be aware of another new scam that we have been made aware of.

The details of how one local person received the call are below;

I had an automated call telling me that a bank transaction for £600 had been made against my account, and to 'press 1'.
I didn't, but checked my account and no such transaction was present.
I then phoned the bank fraud department, and they advised that there are THOUSANDS of such calls, mentioning £600, coming in.

ADVICE : ignore the call;  do NOT press 1; if in doubt, call your bank.
Second call of the day by an automated scammer call.
This time it related to 'your Visa/Mastercard', but the same value £600.
Same process - press 1 to stop the transaction.

Beware - don't press 1!

Suspicious Paypal Text

As the new year starts, criminals are clearly continuing to behave like they did throughout 2019.

The following relates to this text message sent by a cyber ambassador on New Year’s Day.


So why is it a scam? Well if you don’t use PayPal it is clear that it is suspicious. Delete it.

Look at the mobile number of the sender, research the number. A handy website is

This website will show that the mobile number has been linked to a text purporting to be from PayPal and that it is likely to be a scam.

If you look at the link within the text it is HTTP when I would expect HTTPS. (S for secure)

**WARNING** HTTPS is not a guarantee that a domain name is genuine, you still need to research everything that follows the HTTPS.

If you look at the PayPal website you will notice that the true address is and NOT

For those of you who want to know a little more about how to detect a fake domain name, visit

This website provides a host of internet tools for an investigator, so enter the suspect link from the text into the box where prompted and click go. This will give you a domain record including when the domain name was registered and from where. So in this case, it was created on the 31/12/2019 at 05:46 hours UTC, hours before the text message was sent and received.

The domain name was registered with a company called a legitimate company in which you can buy a domain name and create a website.

This is highly suspicious to me, someone has created a domain name that looks similar to PayPal. The fact that the domain name was registered only hours before the text was sent is also highly suspicious. Once the domain name is registered and live, criminals using a list of stolen/compromised telephone numbers, will send out thousands of scam text messages in the hope that at least a few people click on the link believing it to be from PayPal. Those that do click on the link will end up providing their email address, password, and other private information to the cyber criminals.


If in doubt, verify the sender and content of the message by using an independent trusted form of communication, never reply to the sender of the text, email or instant message.

If you are confident, send the link to Action Fraud ( or just delete, delete delete.

Telephone Scam Calls

We have been notified of a telephone scam in which the suspect uses Visa Verification as their cover. The intended victim (IV) received a call on their landline.

The caller stated their name was Christopher Williams and that they were from Visa Verification. The caller asked to speak with the wife of the IV (so the caller already knew the name and telephone number prior to calling). Neither the IV or his wife have a Visa bank card so alarm bells sounded immediately.

The caller confirmed the card in question was in the name of the intended victims wife.

The caller wanted to confirm that the following transactions had indeed been made by the intended victims wife using the Visa card.

Netflix £17 for 1 year

John Lewis £37

Argos for £40

H&M ?

Of course they hadn’t because they don’t have a Visa card.

The call was terminated.

The IV then dialled 1471 and noted that the suspect number had a local STD code of 01223, the number was dialled but unavailable. The number displayed on the phone does not necessarily mean it is genuine. It is most likely a very different number that originated from over the internet. The IV called Visa Verification on a UK number 0800 891725.

They confirmed that Visa would never ring a customer in such circumstances. They also confirmed that they were aware of this type of scam.

For further information about avoiding scams, please visit and

Latest Attempted Fraud

We have just been made aware of the following telephone call that was received by a Cambridgeshire resident only minutes ago. Although this type of call is nothing new, it is clearly continuing to impact on our local communities.

‘My wife just had a scam phone call on our landline stating that there was a warrant out for her arrest. This upset her considerably. She was advised to press 1 to speak to an officer or 2 to learn about the file. She did neither and hung up. The number given by 1471 was 07377289633’

The mobile number was called but the line disconnected. Just to confirm, do not push the button on the keypad and hang up just like the person did above. Neither the police or any law enforcement would contact people in such a way and I trust you will all know that, but there will be people out there that you can help warn so please pass on and help prevent fraud.

EE Scam

ee scamThis text message is circulating within Cambridgeshire. If you are not an EE customer then hopefully it should become suspicious to you and you will see that it is a scam. If you are an EE customer then please be alert. The link in blue will take you to aspoof website in that it is controlled by criminals leading you to think you are logging into your account, but you will only be revealing your email and password who may then access your ee account and/or other accounts especially if you use the same password for more than one online account. Everything after the HTTPS in the link should be suspicious to you. The correct domain name for ee is


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