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Crime prevention tips for students

It might surprise you to learn that according to the National Union of Students as many as one in five students fall victim to property crime whilst at college or university.

Thieves know that student residences are full of expensive laptops, mobiles, iPads and bicycles, which all-to-often prove to be rich pickings! In fact, the average break-in costs £900 to repair the damage and replace belongings.  

The majority of burglaries are opportunist – a few simple steps can be enough to make thieves think twice and move on!

  1. When you go out make sure all windows and doors are locked. It might seem obvious but double check!
  2. Check windows for vulnerabilities, make sure they're strong, secure and fitted with locks. If they're not you should speak to the landlord or letting agent. 
  3. Don't advertise your valuables to thieves. Ensure that your laptop, jewellery, cameras, bicycles, and any other expensive items can not be seen from windows.
  4. Register possessions on Immobilise. Having a record of the make, model and serial numbers will help the police identify and return items if stolen, and can make insurance claims much simpler.
  5. Keep your gate shut and bolted at all times. Make sure bins don't make it easy for burglars to climb over walls or fences.
  6. Simulate occupancy with light timers or products like a FakeTV (see offer below). 
  7. Get Insurance. It is tempting to save money but make sure you have insurance and it covers all your kit.
  8. Secure bikes.If you own a bike make sure its locked to an immovable object with a decent lock, preferably out of sight, inside your house! Consider enhancing its Immobilise registration with an ImmobiTag RFID device (learn more).